This winter-themed compilation of Mini-TFO will spark some ideas of how to get moving, even in the coldest weather. The idea is to enjoy winter, and not hole ourselves up inside!

Sing along to “It’s Winter,” celebrating the beauty of the season, and learn some great new winter clothing words in French while you’re at it.

Explore rhythms with Charlie and Madame Bonheur as they clap and tap a very simple rhythm. This video also touches on ability.

Learning French through music has never been so easy with Mini TFO’s new Chansons Traditionnelles App! The app currently available on Google Play and iTune’s App Store, is an interactive and educational application that introduces children aged 2 to 6 to traditional French songs.

Getting hurt is never fun and we all know very well that when it comes to kids, any kind of injury is bound to happen anywhere, anytime! So when a bobo happens and you have a crying child to comfort, try singing Mini TFO’s French Bobo song and see if it helps calming them down!

We all have one and sometimes it’s hard to follow through with it, especially with children around. Yup, you’ve guessed it, a daily routine and as you all probably know, setting a daily routine with children is crucial to ensure not only a good work methodology in children but in some cases, it will determine whether your child is happy or whether your child will give you a hard time.

Here are four great Mini TFO songs that will not only make you sing, dance and laugh but will also teach you everything you need to know about the four seasons in Canada!